Bester Zambia

Bester Feed & Grain Zambia Limited opened its doors in October 2015 in Lusaka after Bester’s active trading involvement in Southern and West Africa for the past 8 years. Procurement of animal feed raw material has been sourced from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Benin, Togo and Ghana. By using this network it was a natural transition to extend our footprint into Africa by registering the business in Zambia.

Zambia as a country is ideally located in Southern Africa which enables us to trade directly with neighbouring countries.

Bester Zambia also offers services to Bester South Africa which enables us to control the entire supply chain within Bester.

We specialise in the procurement and trading of animal feed raw material such as soya oilcake, sunflower oilcake and cotton oilcake, sheanut oilcake, maize bran, wheat bran, cotton hulls, cottonseed and molasses and grains such as soya beans, wheat and maize.

All raw material and grain is sourced directly from approved farmers, oilseed crushers and millers.

We offer a full logistical service that includes road transport, sea freight, clearing, warehousing and delivery directly from the source to the client’s premises.

Bester Zambia will continue its growth strategy to become one of the leading agricultural trading and supply chain management companies in Southern Africa.

Bester Namibia

Bester Namibia operates in conjunction with Bester Feed and Grain and Bester Zambia in trading with grains and feed commodities in the Southern African region. In addition to render services to the Namibian consumers and suppliers of grains and feedstuffs, Bester Namibia is also involved in exports from Namibia, in line with the tax, commercial and currency requirements of the Namibian Government.

Typical export products include fishmeal, meat and bone meal, salt or any other produce imported to Namibia, as well as the supply of grain, protein meals milling byproducts and other feed ingredients.

Contact Details:

Gideon Louw (Director: Africa)
(T) +27 (0)21 809 2527

NJ van Rensburg (Trader: Africa)
(T) +27 (0)21 809 2545

Dean de Klerk (Trader: Africa )
(T) +260 (0) 211 258 012

Rico Lategan (Sales Coordinator: Africa)

Bester Feed & Grain (Pty) Ltd | A BexGroup Company
Bester Feed & Grain (Pty) Ltd | A BexGroup Company
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