Bester Pekans

Bester Pekans was purchased in 2015 and is located in the Vaalharts district near Jan Kempdorp. The farm consists of 100 hectares of pecan trees, of which 35 ha are established trees and 65 ha were newly planted in 2018. The pecans are delivered to Vaalharts Pecan Plant in Hartswater, where they are prepared for export by Bester Fruit & Nuts, mainly to China.

Mount Pierre

Mount Pierre is located in the Ubunto district of Victoria West in the Great Karoo. The farm focuses on breeding Merino sheep, Tuli cattle and game and is managed by Jagpoort Boerdery. The merino farm is RWS certified and supplies top quality wool for the export market, while the meat component is accredited to supply the Karoo name brand. The game farm breeds 12 different Karoo adapted species that focuses on supporting the local hunting industry for biltong, horns and skins.

BBB Blueberries


BBB Blueberries is a 35 ha, under net, blueberry farm in the Porterville district where four different cultivars are farmed and mainly exported to Europe. The farm employs about 600 workers during the picking season which runs from July to November. This contributes to job creation in the local community, providing a source of income to many households.

BCB Sitrus

BCB Sitrus is the latest addition to the group's primary agricultural investments. The farm is located on the Berg River between Piketberg and Porterville and covers 70 hectares. Lemons destined for the export market are currently being established.