BDT Africa

BDT Africa

BDT Africa offers existing Bester Feed and Grain clients with a derivative trading service in addition to its existing suite of trading services.

Commodity markets have become volatile in recent years in response to a huge growth in demand, extreme weather patterns, volatile currency markets and growing demand for renewable energy sources. Participants in the commodity markets are inextricably exposed to price uncertainty. This uncertainty is a management challenge that can be addressed with the use of hedging instruments.

BDT Africa aims to offer participants in these markets with price hedging solutions that suit each client’s unique situation. Clients will now be able to register a derivative trading account through BDT and be able to call on experienced derivative traders for assistance in constructing sensible and effective hedging strategies.

BDT Africa focuses on commodities traded through the SAFEX Agricultural Commodities Division and SAFEX Global Commodities Division. This includes:

White Maize CBOT Corn WTI Crude Oil
Yellow Maize CBOT Soft Red Wheat NYMEX Copper
Wheat DBOT Soy Complex (Beans, Meal and Oil) NYMEX Gold
Sunflower Seeds NYMEX Platinum
Soybeans NYMEX Silver
SAVI White Maize (Volatility Index)

BDT Africa aims to build on the strong relationships fostered with its clients in the agricultural market, but also to build new relationships with participants in other industries exposed to commodity markets.

For more information on BDT Africa, visit their website at www.bdtafrica.co.za.

Clients are invited to contact Johann Reinecke to register an account.

Johann Reinecke
(T) +27 (0)21 809 2547
(E) johann.reinecke@bdtafrica.co.za

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