Positive feedback from the Far East

 In Bester Fruit & Nuts

By Mia Conradie – Marketer

Pecan nut tenders; water restrictions; exchange rates – these words could cause many a headache to any marketer during the pecan nut season. In retrospect, it is good to know that all was not in vain.

During the past year personnel of Bester Fruit & Nuts (BFN) have worked very hard to establish a reputation of good quality. At Vaalharts depot many hours have been worked to ensure that each container leaving the premises met – or even surpassed – the export standards of PPECB.

It is general knowledge that the majority of South African pecan nuts is destined for the Far East, which was also the case the past year. Positive feedback was received during a client visit in mid-November. We were really heartened by clients’ words of thanks for the good quality of this year’s product. The opportunity was used to strengthen client relationships and to get clarity about their needs for the new season.

Each year brings its own challenges that need to be tackled. A solid foundation has already been laid at BFN on which we could confidently continue to build.

We are dependent on all interested parties, especially pecan nut producers, who have all contributed to the success that we have achieved this year. Our sincere thanks to them.

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